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Quantity is nice, but quality is a must. To ensure the best storage conditions for our carefully selected wines, we put the latest technology to work by investing heavily in our modern, secure and climate-controlled warehouse.

Located next to Château Teyssier, where it all began, and inaugurated in 2021, this facility encompasses the company offices and a fully equipped tasting room for hosting our clients. We are honoured to count among them Michelin-starred restaurants, distributors, importers, connoisseurs and professionals from Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia.

Our Home

At JCP Maltus, we like to challenge the status quo. But when it comes to storing some of the world’s finest bottles of wine, we play by the rules.

Our state-of-the-art facilities meet the highest industry standards, offering a temperature-regulated environment of 16˚C / 61˚F with humidity at 70%. With space to hold more than 100,000 bottles safely under lock and key, it’s a good thing too.

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